April 10, 2005

Miracle Of Life

“I was old when I was born. I was feeling cold and my soul was torn. I walked alone in solitude and sorrow. I had been shown I can see tomorrow.”

“My life has been a journey full of hope. And all I have seen is the end of my rope. Well I have lost and I have won. Counting the cost my faith was never gone.”

“I made the sacrifice God knows I paid the price. I always had a dream but it is never what it seems.”

“Then sore in me a brand new soul. To share our happiness a miracle of life. So it is true it was meant to be. Always with you always with me.”

“Then I found you. And we were one. A new life found. It is a miracle of life.”

* Inspired by Lars Johan Yngve Lannerb├Ąck.


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